Banglalink Internet Offer 30 Days

If you are searching for the Banglalink Monthly Internet Offer, then you are at the right place. Banglalink has brought new monthly internet packs for you. We have collected the data from the Banglalink Official Website. All the information is authentic. Now we tell you the details about Banglalink Internet Offer 30 Days. Read the following article to know about different monthly packs.

Banglalink Monthly Internet Offer Code

Now are going to tell you about Banglalink Monthly Internet Offer Code details. We prepared a detailed table about Banglalink 30 Days Internet Packs. Now see the following table and select your favorite Banglalink Monthly Internet Pack.

A Bangladeshi girl purchased BL Monthly Internet Offer
49 Taka3 GB (FB,W.App,Insta)30 Days*121*1052#
93 Taka100 MB Prepaid & Postpaid30 Days*121*93#
96 Taka5 GB (Toffee Offer) Prepaid & Postpaid30 Days*121*96#
99 Taka3 GB (YouTube Pack)30 Days*121*1043#
99 Taka3 GB (IMO,BiP,Snapchat)30 Days*121*1048#
113 Taka400 MB30 Days*121*113#
119 Taka512 MB30 Days*121*119#
129 Taka300 MB Prepaid & Postpaid30 Days*121*129#
141 Taka1 GB30 Days*121*141#
188 Taka1 GB+150 Min+30 SMS30 Days*121*188#
196 Taka5 GB (Entertainment Pack)30 Days*121*196#
198 Taka1 GB+190 Min+130 SMS30 Days*121*198#
209 Taka1 GB Prepaid & Postpaid30 Days*121*209#
239 Taka2 GB30 Days*121*239#
249 Taka3 GB30 Days*121*249#
288 Taka2 GB+250 Min+30 SMS30 Days*121*288#
298 Taka6 GB+200 Min30 Days*121*298#
299 Taka15 GB (1.5GB+1.5GB Bonus+12GB Toffee) Postpaid30 Days*121*299#
389 Taka30 GB (1 GB/Day) Postpaid30 Days*121*389#
399 Taka8 GB (2 GB+6 GB) Prepaid & Postpaid30 Days*121*399#
449 Taka25 GB30 Days*121*449#
462 Taka35 GB30 Days*121*462#
488 Taka4 GB+450 Min+30 SMS30 Days*121*488#
497 Taka45 GB30 Days*121*497#
499 Taka20 GB (5 GB+15 GB Bonus) Prepaid & Postpaid30 Days*121*499#
598 Taka15 GB+500 SMS30 Days*121*598#
599 Taka35 GB (8 GB+27 GB Bonus) Prepaid & Postpaid30 Days*121*599#
619 Taka60 GB (2 GB/Day) Postpaid30 Days*121*619#
699 Taka50 GB Prepaid & Postpaid30 Days*121*699#
799 Taka70 GB (18 GB+15 GB Bonus) Prepaid & Postpaid30 Days*121*799#
899 Taka 80 GB (25 GB+55 GB) Prepaid & Postpaid30 Days*121*899#
999 Taka55 GB30 Days*121*999#

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Banglalink Internet Offer 30 Days Details

Here is the detail of the best packages of Banglalink Internet. Read the following article. This article will help you to select a Banglalink internet pack.

Banglalink 188 Taka Internet Pack

You can get 1 GB+150 Min+30 SMS from this pack. Validity is 1 month. To get this offer dial the activation code *121*188#.

Banglalink 198 Taka Internet Pack

Now you can get a super offer . You can buy 1 GB+190 Min+130 SMS from this pack. Validity is 30 days. Simply dial the activation code *121*198#.

Banglalink 239 Taka Internet Offer

Get 2 GB in 239 Taka. To buy this pack dial the code *121*239#. 1 month validity.

BL 449 Taka Pack

To purchase this excellent offer dial the activation code *121*449#. This pack will expire after 30 days.This offer price is 449 Taka.

BL 462 Taka 35 GB Offer

This is the 462 Taka BL Pack. You can buy 35 GB. Activation code is *121*462#.

Banglalink 497 Taka 45 GB Pack

The activation code of this offer is *121*497#. Get 45 GB Only in 497 Taka. This is the best internet pack for you.

BL 598 Taka Pack

There is an excellent pack available for you. You can easily get 15 GB+500 SMS. Dial the activation code *121*598#. Expiry is 30 days.

BL 999 Taka Internet Offer

This is the mega internet offer of Banglalink. Simply dial *121*999# and get 55 GB Internet data. You can use 55 GB Data till 30 days.


  To get this pack dial the code *121*113#.

The code of BL 512 MB Pack is *121*119#.

Dial the activation code *121*239# to get this offer.

To check your internet balance, dial the code *121*1#.

The best data pack of BL is 999 Taka 55 GB Offer.


Banglalink mobile network provider is also very popular among the people of Bangladesh. There are many internet packs of BL Network. Hope you have read the above article and have selected an internet pack for you.

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