GP Flexiplan

Flexiplan is an app. You can easily install this app from google play store. This is an amazing app, launched by Grameenphone.

Both users ( prepaid and postpaid ) of Grameenphone can use this app. You can select your own GP Offers according to your need by this app. You can also send GiFTs by this app.

GP Flexiplan Packages

There are different packages available on Flexiplan. You can buy GP Internet Pack Flexiplan, GP Minute Pack Flexiplan, and GP SMS Pack Fexiplan. The validity of these packages are 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days. You can choose the package and validity by your own choice.

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GP Internet Flexiplan

Grameenphone has brought amazing internet packs by Flexiplan. There are many offers in this app. So, look at the following table and choose your pack.

11.93 Tk100 MB3 days
51 Tk1.5 GB3 days
40.28 Tk100 MB7 days
93.77 Tk1.5 GB7 days
93 Tk1.5 GB7 days
121 Tk3.5 GB7 days
123 Tk5 GB7 days
178 Tk8 GB7 days
223 Tk12 GB7 days
170.35 Tk1.5 GB15 days
246.76 Tk1.5 GB30 days
246 Tk1.5 GB30 days
337 Tk3.5 GB30 days
317 Tk5 GB30 days
426 Tk8 GB30 days
395 Tk12 GB30 days
651 Tk20 GB30 days
814 Tk25 GB30 days

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GP Minute Flexiplan

GP Flexiplan not only offers internet packs but also offers minute packs. There are many minute packages which you can purchase from Flexiplan. Look at the following table for further details.

Volume7 Days15 Days30 Days
100 Min59 Tk68 Tk78 Tk
150 Min88 Tk98 Tk109 Tk
200 Min115 Tk126 Tk136 Tk
300 Min173 Tk177 Tk180 Tk
400 Min231 Tk233 Tk237 Tk
500 Min271 Tk273 Tk277 Tk
1000 Min575 Tk576 Tk577 Tk

There is also a 3 day minute offer available on Flexiplan. This is an excellent minute offer for you. See the following table.

58 Tk100 Min3 days

GP SMS Flexiplan

A huge number of messages are also available on Flexiplan. You can buy messages from Flexiplan according to your needs. Look at the following table and choose your message package.

PriceSMS VolumeExpiry
5.99 Tk50 sms30 days
11.07 Tk200 sms30 days
19 Tk500 sms30 days

GP Bundle Offer Flexiplan

Some amazing GP Bundle Offers are available for you on Flexiplan. Now you can get internet, minute, and sms offers in one place. Go through the following table and select your favorite bundle offer.

199 Tk1 GB300 Min500 sms30 days
410 Tk1.5 GB500 Min50 sms30 days
573  Tk8 GB300 Min50 sms30 days
861 Tk20 GB1000 Min500 sms30 days
923 Tk25 GB300 Min50 sms30 days

FAQs About Flexiplan

Flexiplan is an app, available on play store.

Validity is 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days.

Yes, bundle offer is available on Flexiplan.

Yes, minute offer is available on Flexiplan.

Yes, sms offer is available on Flexiplan.

Conclusion of Flexiplan

You have read the above whole article. Hope, you have selected a Flexiplan offer for you. All the above packs are superb but we prefer the bundle offer.

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