Banglalink Minute Offer 30 Days

Banglalink has brought many voice call packs for you. Now you can talk with your friends and family members at a very low price through the BL Mobile network. Banglalink mobile service provider is very popular among the people of Bangladesh. To know about Banglalink Minute Offer 30 Days, read the following article.

Banglalink Minute Offer 30 Days Code

Banglalink has brought many packs of minutes for its unique customers. All the packs available at a suitable price. You can get easily any minute pack from the following table. Now see the details.

Girl got Banglalink Monthly Minute Offer and now she is talking
127 Taka (postpaid)130 Min30 Days*166*127#
157 Taka (Postpaid & Prepaid)180 Min30 Days*166*157#
168 Taka (postpaid)190 Min30 Days*166*168#
188 Taka150 Min+1 GB+30 SMS30 Days*166*188#
197 Taka300 Min30 Days*166*197#
198 Taka (Postpaid & Prepaid)190 Min+1 GB+130 SMS30 Days*121*198#
207 Taka (Postpaid & Prepaid)300 Min30 Days*166*207#
257 Taka360 Min30 Days*166*360#
288 Taka250 Min+2 GB+30 SMS30 Days*166*288#
297 Taka460 Min30 Days*166*460#
298 Taka200 Min+6 GB30 Days*166*298#
307 Taka510 Min30 Days*166*307#
318 Taka (Postpaid & Prepaid)500 Min30 Days*166*318#
337 Taka550 Minutes30 Days*121*337#
367 Taka (postpaid)560 Min30 Days*121*367#
407 Taka (Postpaid & Prepaid) official670 Min30 Days*121*407#
488 Taka480 Min+4 GB+30 SMS30 Days*166*488#
507 Taka (Postpaid & Prepaid)800 Min30 Days*166*507#
598 Taka500 Min+15 GB30 Days*166*598#
607 Taka official (Postpaid & Prepaid)1000 Min30 Days*166*607#
697 Taka1150 Min30 Days*121*397#
887 Taka600 Min30 Days*121*887#
907 Taka (Postpaid)1500 Min30 Days*121*907#
1397 Taka900 Min30 Days*121*1397#

Banglalink New Sim Offer

There are two excellent minute offers available for you. These packages are 30 days packs. When you buy a new sim, you can get a monthly minute pack. Look at the following table and select an excellent minute pack for you.

222 Taka100 Min (1 Paisa/Sec)+ 10 GB30 Days
224 Taka360 Min (1 Paisa/Sec)+200 MB30 Days

Banglalink 30 Days Call Rate Offer

Recharge a specific amount and get a call rate offer according your choice. Now here are the details of Banglalink monthly call rate offer. There are different rates. See the following table.

Price(Recharge)Call RateValidity
159 Taka1 Paisa/Sec30 Days
119 Taka99 Paisa/Minute30 Days
109 Taka1.4 Taka/Minute30 Days

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Banglalink 30 Days Best Minute Offer

Now we are going to tell you about the best 30 days minute offer, launched by Banglalink. The following packs are super offers. You can easily pick an offer from the following article.

Banglalink 188 Taka Minute Pack

You can get 150 Min+1 GB+30 SMS. Validity is 30 days. Price is 188 Taka. To get this pack dial the code *166*188#.

Banglalink 198 Taka Minute Offer

Both users (prepaid and postpaid) of Banglalink can buy this package. You can buy 190 Min+1 GB+130 SMS just in 198 Taka. The expiry is 30 days. The activation code is *121*198#.

Banglalink 288 Taka Minute Package

You can purchase 250 Min+2 GB+30 SMS for 30 days. Dial the activation code *166*288# to get this offer.

BL 488 Taka Minute Offer

Dial the activation code *166*488# and get 480 Min+4 GB+30 SMS. The cost of this pack is 488 Taka. The validity of this offer is 30 days.


The activation code of this pack is *166*127#.

You can purchase 180 minutes from this offer.

 Validity of this pack is 30 days.

Just dial the activation code *166*197# to get this pack.

The cost of this pack is 318 Taka.


We described the full details of BL 30 days minute packs in the above article. We collected the data from different sources. Hope, you selected a good pack for you.

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