Banglalink Minute Offer

Many people always want to connect with their friends and family members. They always search for cheap call rate offers. All the networks try to bring low cost call rate offers, but the Banglalink mobile service provider brought its cheapest and Latest Banglalink Minute Offer.

Banglalink Minute Code

There are many packs of Banglalink Minutes available for you. We collected all the information from the official website of Banglalink and other sources. Finally, we prepared a detailed table for your ease , so that you can select a good minute pack for you.

A Bangladeshi girl is enjoying with Banglalink new minute packages
3 Tk4 Min1 Day*166*203#
6 Tk9 Min1 Day*166*206#
9 Tk14 Min2 Days*166*209#
12 Tk19 Min2 Days*121*12#
14 Tk21 Min2 Days*121*14#
17 Tk28 Min2 Days*121*17#
24 Tk33 Min3 Days*121*24#
27 Tk45 Min3 Days*121*27#
28 Tk25 Min+150 MB+10 SMS4 Days*166*28#
37 Tk55 Min4 Days*121*37#
38 Tk48 Min+150 MB15 Days*166*38#
57 Tk90 Min7 Days*121*57#
66 Tk100 Min7 Days*121*66#
74 Tk120 Min7 Days*121*74#
88 Tk95 Min+0.5 GB+10 SMS15 Days*166*88#
97 Tk160 Min7 Days*166*97#
98 Tk80 Min+1 GB+10 SMS7 Days*121*98#
107 Tk175 Min15 Days*166*107#
117 Tk190 Min15 Days*121*117#
157 Tk230 Min30 Days*166*157#
188 Tk150 Min+1 GB+30 SMS30 Days*166*188#
197 Tk300 Min30 Days*166*197#
198 Tk190 Min+1 GB+130 SMS30 Days*121*198#
207 Tk340 Min30 Days*166*207#
288 Tk250 Min+2 GB+30 SMS30 Days*166*288#
297 Tk460 Min30 Days*166*297#
298 Tk200 Min+6 GB30 Days*166*298#
307 Tk510 Min30 Days*166*307#
488 Tk480 Min+4 GB+30 SMS30 Days*166*488#
598 Tk500 Min+15 GB30 Days*166*598#

Banglalink New Sim Pack

Banglalink brought a new sim recharge offer for its customers. Buy a new Banglalink Sim. Recharge the specific amount and get the offer. See the details in the following table.

Recharge AmountOffer PackValidity
48 Tk11 Min+3 GB7 Days
222 Tk100 Min (1 Paisa/Sec)+ 10 GB30 Days
224 Tk360 Min (1 Paisa/Sec)+200 MB30 Days

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How to Check Banglalink Minute?

You can easily check your Banglalink Minutes. Dial the following code. Dial the USSD Code *121*100# to check your remaining minutes.

Banglalink Special Minute Packs

Banglalink 6 Taka Minute Pack

Dial the activation code *166*206# and get this bundle of minutes. You can get 9 Minutes. Validity is 1 day.

Banglalink 17 Taka Minute Offer

You can get 28 Minutes from this offer. To get this offer dial the code *121*17#. The validity of this pack is 2 days.

Banglalink 27 Taka Minute Offer

To get this super minute offer just dial the activation code *121*27#. You will get 45 Minutes. The offer validity is 3 days.

Banglalink 37 Taka Minute Pack

You can purchase 55 Minutes. To get this minute pack dial the code *121*37#. Validity is 4 days.

Banglalink 98 Taka Minute Pack

Dial the activation code *121*98# and get this offer. You can buy 80 Minutes, 1 G, and 10 SMS from this offer. This minute pack will expire after 7 days.

Banglalink 117 Taka Minute Offer

To get 117 Taka minute pack dial the code *121*117#. You can buy 190 minutes. Validity is 15 days.

Banglalink 598 Taka Minute Pack

You can buy 500 Minutes, and 15 GB from this pack. Dial the code *166*598#. Validity is 30 days.

Terms & Conditions

  • Minutes can be used for any operator.
  • Minutes can be used at any time in 24 hours.
  • VAT, SD, and SC are applicable.
  • Dial *124*100# to check your minute bundle.
  • All other terms and conditions of minute packs are also applicable here.


  To check your minute balance dial the code *124*100#.

The code is *166*203# of 3 Taka BL Minute Pack.

Dial the activation code *166*209#.

Dial the activation code *121*27# and get 45 minutes.

This offer code is *121*27#.


I think you have liked the above article. Hope you have selected a minute pack for you. All the minute packs are super minute packs. I recommend you to select the 488 Taka minute offer. You can get 480 Minutes, 4 GB, and 30 SMS from this minute offer. To buy this package dial the code: *166*488#.

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