Banglalink SMS Pack 30 Days

Banglalink is also a prominent mobile service network in Bangladesh. Many people of Bangladesh have Banglalink sim because their choice is Banglalink network. Banglalink always brings updated packages for its users. It recently launched its new SMS Packs. Here are the details of Banglalink SMS Pack 30 Days.

Banglalink SMS Pack 30 Days Code

There are many SMS Packs of Banglalink available on a monthly basis. We wrote a detailed article and covered all the Banglalink Monthly SMS Packs in a table form. Look at the following table and select your favorite Banglalink SMS Offer.

Girl is being happy to get Banglalink super SMS Pack
30 Taka500 SMS30 Days*166*305#
188 Taka30 SMS+1 GB+150 Min30 Days*166*188#
198 Taka30 SMS+1 GB+190 Min30 Days*121*198#
288 Taka30 SMS+2 GB+250 Min30 Days*121*288#
488 Taka30 SMS+4 GB+450 Min30 Days*121*488#

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Banglalink Monthly SMS Pack Details

Banglalink 500 SMS Pack

Dial the activation code *166*305# and get 500 SMS. This pack’s validity is 30 days. The cost of this pack is 30 Taka.

Banglalink 188 Taka SMS Pack

To get this SMS Pack, dial the code *166*188#. This is an excellent SMS Pack. Validity is 30 days. You can get 30 SMS+1 GB+150 Minutes.

Banglalink 198 Taka SMS Offer

Dial the code 30 SMS+1 GB+190 Min and get *121*198#. This pack is also a super pack. Dialing code is *121*198#. Validity 30 days.

BL 288 Taka SMS Package

You can buy 30 SMS+2 GB+250 Minutes. Package validity is 30 days. Code is *121*288#.

BL 488 Taka SMS Offer

This is the biggest SMS Pack of Banglalink. This is a new and best SMS Pack. You can purchase 30 SMS+4 GB+450 Minutes from this super pack. Validity is 30 days. Activation code is *121*488#.


  Dial the code *166*305# to get 500 SMS for 30 days.

The activation code of this pack is *166*188#.

 You can buy 30 SMS+1 GB+190 Minutes in 198 Taka.

Validity is 30 days.

You can get 30 SMS+4 GB+450 Minutes.


All the above SMS Packs are the best SMS Packs. I recommend you to purchase the BL 488 Taka SMS Pack. You can buy 30 SMS+4 GB+450 Minutes from this super SMS Pack.

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